360 Seconds by filmmaker Bex Bradshaw Debuts on Vimeo February 14

360 Seconds is a 6-minute short inspired by From Dusk Till Dawn, True Romance, Velvet Goldmine, Trainspotting, The Professional or violent movies with colorful characters, exaggerated fashion styles, humor, and killer scores. 360 Seconds is a commentary on films of the 90s which don’t come around anymore. A short film that concludes, yet leaves the audience wanting more.

Logline: Seasoned vigilante, Ladykiller, reminisces on an eventful evening in the restroom of a punk bar.

The basic intention for Bex Bradshaw, as a filmmaker is to make films that entertain, and to make them centered around characters, you’ll want to mimic on Halloweens, while it is about a subject matter you wouldn’t expect to come from the mind of a female filmmaker.

360 Seconds will be streaming on Vimeo beginning February 14th as well as her website.

Director Bex Bradshaw is an award-winning writer and director originally from Toronto, Canada. Her film Playmates was a selection at the LA Comedy Festival, Washington DC’s LGBTQ+ Reel Affirmations Film Festival, and the Austin Revolution Film Festival where it picked up awards for Best Comedy and Best Actor. Her film This Charming Man, which she co-produced with actor Carlo Arrechea, was an official selection at HBO’s 2020 New York Latino Film Festival. Bex Bradshaw enjoys making quirky, dark, and character-driven films with subversive themes.

The Official Trailer for 360 Seconds written and directed by Bex Bradshaw

Actor Sydney Sainté is a Connecticut-born, New York-bred creator who graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a concentration in Acting. She studied under Mary McCann & Neil Pepe’s Atlantic Theater Studio, with a focus on mastering Practical Aesthetics, a Meisner-inspired technique developed by David Mamet and William H. Macy. She studied Shakespeare at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts during her time at Tisch. She has 10+ years of training in piano, voice, and various genres of dance, and in 2014 had her Off-Broadway debut in Roy William‘s “Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner”.

Sydney Sainté in Bex Bradhsaw’s 360 Seconds

Producer Stephanie Bignault is a first-time independent film producer originally from Atlanta and currently based in Los Angeles. She holds an MFA in Acting from the University of Arkansas along with an interdisciplinary BA in Theatre Arts & English Studies from Piedmont College in north Georgia. Bignault enjoyed the tactical creative dialogue that evolved through each phase of the production. She delighted in harnessing the details, helping Bradshaw fine-tune her vision for this film, and co-assembling a team balanced in its diversity.

Cinematographer Curtis Yap is a mixed cinematographer with a voracious appetite for anything narrative or documentary. As a lover of noir and documentary, he hopes to combine the two someday. His siblings brought him up by quoting Adam Sandler movies, speaking almost entirely in movie references. Find him eating some mixture of  Arab, Filipino, and Mexican food in between his naps. “360 Seconds” is his second collaboration with Bex Bradshaw with many more to come.

360 Seconds will be streaming on Vimeo beginning February 14th as well as her website.

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