Antonia Desplat and Director Edward Japp Deliver Held for a Moment

The award-winning film Held For A Moment was created by director Edward Japp and actress Antonia Desplat, and was inspired by real-life testimonies and the experiences of close family members. This important film stars Antonia Desplat (The Durrells), Liam McMahon (Coronation Street), and Niamh McGrady (The Fall). 

Synopsis: Held for a Moment portrays the struggle that a married couple goes through, after a heartbreaking event. The story is set in an affluent suburb and is told through the eyes of a young woman, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Director/co-writer Edward Japp studied filmmaking at Central Saint Martins, Held For A Moment is his narrative directorial debut. The project is very close to his heart as his grandmother and great grandmother were both affected by postnatal trauma. As a result, his grandmother was institutionalized with excessive medication and intensive shock therapy, which led to her premature death. As a DoP, Edward has created work for numerous organizations and clients, including the BBC, C4, Arte, Lucas film, Love magazine, and many more.

The Official Trailer for Held for a Moment by Edward Japp Starring Antonia Desplat, Liam McMahon, Niamh McGrady

Actress/co-writer Antonia Desplat trained at the Drama Centre and East 15 in London. Antonia’s first film as an actress was the Oscar-shortlisted  A Rise of a Star alongside Catherine Deneuve. Other notable credits include The Durrells and Victoria. Desplat has just finished filming The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson and the new Netflix series Letter for the King.

Antonia and Edward also produced the film under their new company, Luna Moon productions, which focuses on female-based narratives, that need to be voiced.

The score was created by two-time Academy Award winner Alexandre Desplat (The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Shape of Water and numerous other award winning film scores).  

Held For A Moment won the Lift-Off Filmmaker showcase, and Best British Short, Best First Time Director and Best Actress at the 2019 Independent Film Awards.

Antonia and Edward‘s first short film, Held For A Moment, which marks Edward’s directorial debut was critically acclaimed by many film festivals and by the community affected by the subject matter. Edward and Antonia are very committed and passionate and are constantly looking for interesting bold stories to tell. They are currently developing their next project entitled Mamie with writer Robyn Grant.

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