Artlist, The Best Source of Music for Filmmakers (Sponsored Post)

Creating the soundtrack of your film is often a complex task for any filmmaker, and finding music that you can legally use without being subject to copyright claims is not that obvious. With the boom in online video creation, and more creators adding music to videos, music licensing platforms emerged to bridge the gap between the high price of licensing popular songs and the low quality of free music. This development also coincided with the increase in independent musicians looking to make money from their work. 

Although royalty-free music platforms presented a way to simplify the process of acquiring music for films, not all licenses were created equal. With its inclusive and restriction-free license, quality of music and unlimited downloads you get as a subscriber, Artlist is the best source of music for filmmakers.


A Universal License that Lasts Forever

Artlist has made it its mission to bring filmmakers the most straightforward and inclusive license possible, eliminating any restrictions on using its music in films. Let’s look in detail at how, with an Artlist license, any possible restrictions are eliminated, giving you the freedom to create whatever movie you want. And you don’t need to understand legalese!

On Any Platform Out There

The Artlist license covers all known visual platforms, including commercial work. You can post your film on YouTube and show it at a film festival without paying any additional fees. The license even covers mediums that haven’t been invented yet.

 As Many Times as You Want

When you download a song from Artlist, you can use it in as many projects as you want. Found a great piece of music for wedding films? You will be able to use it multiple times.

The License Lasts Forever

At Artlist, any copyright free music downloaded with an active subscription and can be used in perpetuity, even after your subscription ends. If you come across a song that you like, but it doesn’t fit any of your existing projects, you can still download and save it for the right film without worrying about whether you’ll be able to use it in the future.

Music Quality

Apart from an all-inclusive, restriction-free license, Artlist users have access to the highest quality of music from top-notch independent artists. Each song goes through a rigorous QA process to determine if it meets the Artlist standards.

Special for the Holidays Season: Limited Time Offer

Artlist has recently come out with a promotional campaign that offers filmmakers who subscribe until December 26th a free Creators Pack chock full of digital assets like LUTs, SFX,  LUTs, film overlays, effects like film grain and VHS, sound effects, glitches, transitions and more. 


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