Breaking Bad: Why “Fly” Is A Masterpiece Episode In The Popular Series

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The Fly Can Be Seen As A Metaphor For The Guilt Walt Feels In Breaking Bad

And here we are, on one of the biggest reasons I love this episode so much. “Fly” is amazing because the titular fly represents the guilt Walt feels – about everything.

All throughout this episode, we see Walt deal with guilt, whether that’s guilt about letting the fly get into the facility, or guilt about not telling his family, or guilt about Jane’s death and keeping that from Jesse, it’s constantly there, just like that fly buzzing in his ear, no matter how hard he tries to get rid of it.

Even so, in the end, Jesse kills the fly, finally disposing of its corpse and the craziness it caused both of them, seemingly ending the problem. However, that same night, Walt wakes up to hear buzzing again and stares ominously up at the smoke detector’s flashing light in his apartment. There, on the light, the fly appears again, even though they had “killed it,” it still haunts him.

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