Camera Test Subject from Sean Meehan Reviewed by Peter Nichols

Timothy J. Cox is “Test Subject” in Camera Test Subject written and directed by Sean Meehan

REVIEW: by Peter Nichols | B

Camera Test Subject is a 3-minute short drama film written and directed by Sean Meehan, and it stars Timothy J. Cox. The single cast short film explores the mind of an actor as he moves through a section of New York City after meeting an anonymous man who wants to do a camera test with an actor.

As you can tell, you’re about to watch a screen test, and if you stopped right there, you’d have missed a proper cinema presentation. This short recreates an era in cinema; the period of the silent film. While we’re presented with an experimental narrative without dialogue, you become engrossed (as I did), and mistake the narration for your thoughts. Where a classical narrator serves as an external story guide for the spectators/audience, it is otherwise in Camera Test Subject. The narrator is a character in this story; the voice in our head.

I loved the film, it puts the truth before the camera. The narrative constantly explores the character moment by moment, each moment igniting another in a dramatic framework that pulls the audience into the story, as we serve as the third character in the 3-minute journey of this narrative.

The short film Camera Test Subject stars Timothy J. Cox and it is written and directed by Sean Meehan

A peek inside the mind of an actor in the throes of something truly terrible: a camera test.

Writer & Directed: Sean Meehan; Cast: Timothy J. Cox as Test Suject; Produced: Sean Meehan; Cinematography: Sean Meehan; Film Editing: Sean Meehan

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Sean Meehan is a cinematographer and editor, known for Camera Test Subject (2020), The Beach Comber (2010) and Over Coffee (2010).

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