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Deep Fried Fingers by Daniel Greenway – One to watch

Reversing the relationship between animals and humans is a metaphor to show the unpleasant truth about animal rights, factory farming or vegetarianism may not have made new progress to this idea, but its precise, shocking information is much more complicated than emphasizing the terrible reality of how to treat animals that become food.

In 5 minutes, Deep-Fried Fingers manages to make a better statement about animal treatment and portray the often-awkward vegan experience better than most of the many hour-long documentaries on the same subjects. Like a twisted episode of Bojack Horseman, the animation is equal parts amusing and grisly, and is an effective format for portraying the awful conditions on farms whilst keeping the tone light enough to entertain.

In 5 minutes, “Deep-Fried Fingers” managed to better illustrate the treatment of animals and portray a vegetarian stance better than most of the many hour-long documentaries on the same subject experience. Like a Bojack Horseman episode, this animation is equally fun and annoying, and is an effective format for depicting the harsh conditions of the farm while remaining light enough to be entertaining.

Although it conveys a strong message, the film stands out and  never comes across preachy, allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions. Although not all viewers will become vegetarians while watching, at least it will open our eyes to the disturbing reality.

Deep Fried Fingers has won a range of film festivals such as the Florence Film Awards, CiFT Festival of Toronto, Vancouver Film Festival and selected for many others.

Watch ‘Deep Fried Fingers’ here:

We hope to watch Daniel for any upcoming films he has in development for later this year, ‘Deep Fried Fingers’ has really piqued our interest!

Watch Daniels first short film.. ‘IMPONTA’ here:

‘Deep Fried Fingers’ was also selected for :
NYC Independent Film Festival
Florence Film Awards
Milan Gold Awards
AXD Short Film Festival
London Indie Film Festival
Wallachia International Film Festival
Montreal Film Festival

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