Did Loki’s He Who Remains Lie To The TVA About Sylvie’s Original Nexus Event? Here’s What The Director Told Us

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I suppose the thing is, I would never want to shut down the conversation on that, because I find it so interesting. I think my interpretation of it, and I could be wrong, is that he didn’t know what was going to happen in that moment, but maybe he would have given her an equal [chance]. He obviously took her out of the timeline for a reason, so like, it could definitely be part of the ‘Okay, well, let’s see if she wins.’ I mean, I think for me, in my head, I always feel like he doesn’t necessarily know if it’s gonna be the red pill or blue pill that ends up getting taken. But if he lined it up, to at least give them an equal fighting chance, maybe. But yeah, I think that’s cool; I’ve been hearing that theory a little bit, which I think is kind of fun. But I think in my head, I always feel like when he takes his TemPad off, he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. And that, for him, is very exciting, obviously.

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