Did WandaVision’s Credits Scene Show Fans The Big Cameo That Paul Bettany Was Teasing?

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In Episode 8, as Wanda relived various points of her past, it was revealed that S.W.O.R.D. Director Hayward had indeed doctored footage of Wanda’s visit, making it appear as if she’d stolen Vision’s body parts and resurrected them as a whole. That wasn’t the case, though, with The Hex’s version of Vision proven to be 100% Wanda’s creation. The mid-credits scene revealed that Hayward utilized Vision’s body for his own creation, the White Vision, which brings us back around to comments that Paul Bettany recently made. In the wake of Evan Peters’ arrival as “Fietro,” while fans were contemplating whether he was WandaVision‘s mind-blowing cameo, Bettany made it seem as if the MCU series had another A+ surprise on the way involving another major actor. But take another look at Bettany’s words with renewed context:

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