Dramatic Independent Film Behind Closed Doors by Kaitlyn Lorraine Boxall

London, UK – February 15, 2021 Kaitlyn Lorraine Boxall, the Director of the Romantic Drama, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ (2021), has announced the filming of a sequel

“We are so pleased with the response the first film got!”, said Kaitlyn Lorraine Boxall. The first film was reviewed multiple times and has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from various sites. Online Streaming/VOD subscription platforms have taken interest in the film for the harsh realism it depicts. 

Behind Closed Doors is an independent British film, which is shot in London (UK). The film relates the story of an abused woman, Lisa Crawford, who is trapped in an abusive marriage and finds love and support from a counselor. 

You can find the film on Mulat Media. Mulat can also be accessed via the Mulat app on the Apple App Store, and Google Play.

The film’s storyline is inspired by Kaitlyn Boxall’s Mother, who started off in a women’s refuge with her at 3 weeks old, after having to flee domestic violence. “As a filmmaker, I promised my mother that I would never do a film on domestic violence. Although, as my Mum fled the abuse with me as a 3-week-old baby, I felt I had to help others. To all victims who are living domestic abuse, before lockdown and during, I promise you that there is hope! Material things do not matter, the big posh house, the out lookers looking in, thinking your life is perfect. The psychological effect is devastating. Get out, and do not be ashamed to ask for help. Peace of mind is invaluable. You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start from where you are and change the ending…” 

Behind Closed Doors (2021) Poster directed by Kaitlyn Boxall

Kaitlyn Lorraine Boxall 
United Kingdom, London 
Phone number: 07724 025 497

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