Drunkenness by Alexandre David Lejuez goes on Festival Tour

Drunkenness is the second feature film written and directed by French director Alexandre David Lejuez, after Erotic, Chapter 1: Desire & sensuality. This is an experimental and psychological horror film.

Synopsis: After an abundant consumption of alcohol, the main character, Dario, 27, wakes up clueless in the old family mansion he’s been inhabiting for many years with his two brothers, Mazzio and Ramirez. Despite his will to sober up, Dario’s puzzled mind starts tricking him. His subconscious will eventually drag him into even deeper and darker existential places.

This film has the particularity of having been shot entirely on a subjective level, from the point of view of the main character of Dario, played by Alexandre David Lejuez.

The Official Trailer for Drunkenness (2021) Written & Directed by Alexandre David Lejuez starring Jeyson Moreno, Dante Fournarel, Nina Lavague, Alexandre David Lejuez, Ismael Moderation

– Experimental, Horror, Drama 83 min / Color / 16:9 / Stereo

Principal photography took place mainly in February 2020 for only a few days. However, post-production took almost a year of work due to sound, visual and post-sync effects. The work is inspired by the aesthetics of the cinema of Dario Argento in the 70s but also of Gaspar Noe.

It is a self-produced project by Alexandre David Lejuez with his production Noctura Films. The goal is to promote a different cinema, to try the new cinematographic process.

The film has already been selected in three festivals. In London, it won a special honorable mention during the London International Monthly Film Festival and was also a finalist in Slovakia for the best experimental film for the Kosice International Monthly Film Festival.

Drunkenness Poster. Drunkenness is written and directed by Alexandre David Lejuez

The film will be available on VOD during the year.

“It’s a totally psychological hypnotic film, at the end you feel stirred and upset. You have to watch it in good conditions. This is an experience that must be lived in total darkness, not to be watched quickly on a phone or a tablet. I hope it will be screened in a movie theater ” specifies the director.

His first feature film, Erotic, is still available for rental

Contact: Noctura Films, Paris |

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