Fear The Walking Dead’s Ruben Blades Has Lots Of Thoughts About That Big Salazar Twist And Strand’s Offer

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I have to say this also. He’s intrigued by Strand’s request. Why would Strand tell him like that? ‘Oh, come with us.’ Know what I mean? Why? This guy, he’s not doing it… ‘I’m doing it for Ophelia.’ Bullshit! Yeah, doing it for Ophelia, you’re doing it for you. There’s something there that you want, and I wonder what that is. I may be foggy and whatnot, but right now, I’m not foggy. Now, it’s like, ‘Why would you want that?’ So I think he’s leaving the place and making sure he won’t burn it down like he did the other ranch, and fuck Morgan’s idea and mess it up. At the same time, he’s going like, ‘I wonder what this guy wants, and what is he up to?’ And yeah, it’s better if I go with him than if I go by myself. But it’s an interesting thing, because the audience is gonna go like, ‘Hmm, I don’t know. What is he up to? Is this real? Is he really forgetting things?’ Because I mean, I think in his mind, as an intelligence officer, he knows the other shoe hasn’t fallen. The other shoe has not fallen in that community. Something is going on. You know, that explosion was not really explained away. He sort of said, well, the rock fell and hit the dynamite. Yeah, maybe. He wants to believe that. Maybe? I don’t know.

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