Film Sequel, Behind Closed Doors 2 directed by Kaitlyn Lorraine Boxall

March 31st, 2021 Kaitlyn Lorraine Boxall, the British Film Director of the romantic drama,  ‘Behind Closed Doors (2021), has confirmed the filming of a sequel.  

‘Behind Closed Doors’ is an independent British film, which is based in London (UK). The film is the story of an abused woman, Lisa Crawford (portrayed by actress, Holly Prentice), who is trapped in an abusive marriage and finds love and support from a counsellor, (portrayed by actor, Vasile Marin). 

“To my surprise, the film has received a lot of attention and news coverage. Due to viewers asking for a second film,  we have decided to push a sequel into production,” said Director, Kaitlyn Lorraine Boxall.  

The film has been mentioned by various newspapers, film review sites and even video reaction on YouTube. Online  Subscription companies have also taken an interest in the film, because of the harsh realism it reflects of the covid19  pandemic.  

The film’s storyline is inspired by Kaitlyn Boxall’s Mother, who fled to a women’s refuge, to escape Kaitlyn’s abusive  Father. Kaitlyn was just 3 weeks old when her mother fled to a refuge for their safety. Kaitlyn Boxall has explained about her Mother’s horrendous ordeal, “My Mother was with my Father for 2 years. He begged for children, so she became pregnant with me at the age of 30.

L to R: Summer-Rose Churchhouse, Holly Prentice (Lisa), and Naya Lotan-Buckley in Behind Closed Doors 2 (2021) by Kaitlyn Boxall

Her domestic violence begun once he had full control. She left her job, (looking after 72 elderly people) as she fell pregnant. She lived at his flat in Thornton Heath (London Borough of Croydon), throughout her whole pregnancy. This is when the violence started, so my Mother’s abuse continued throughout her whole pregnancy. She could not escape until I was born. My Mother and I talk about it now. 

I was 3 weeks old at the time, and at 3 weeks old, I would not have understood the situation. Kaitlyn also states, “My Mum always remembers my Dad saying to her, “I will not be happy until you and the baby in your stomach, are in a coffin.” 

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS 2 – Sequel: Behind Closed Doors 2, explores Lisa’s struggle with domestic abuse throughout the period of the covid19 lockdown. Lisa loses her access to appointments with her counsellor, Aaron, due to the coronavirus outbreak. Counsellor, Aaron, pays a visit to Lisa’s house after receiving a distressing phone call from Lisa’s friend, Alison. The sequel focuses on how victims lose their access to support and how domestic abuse has amplified during the lockdown. In the sequel, Lisa makes her choice whether to stay with her abuser or leave for the safety of her children.

You can find the film HERE

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Behind Closed Doors | Official Trailer (2021) Holly Prentice, Vasile Marin by Kaitlyn Lorraine Boxall

WATCH the Interview with the main actress, Holly Prentice

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