Freaks And Geeks And 10 Other Funny TV Shows We Wish Were On Streaming

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It occurred to me recently how many times I have forked out some extra cash to safely and legally revisit a series that used to fill my life my laughter, whether it was by a digital rental or paying out the ass for a rare, used DVD copy. It happens quite frequently with many TV shows, often due to the cost of upholding contracts with certain streaming services, licensing disputes over music used throughout the series, or the distributor’s own refusal to comply with modern times (I’m assuming?). Some explanations for a series’ MIA streaming status are even more mysterious than others.

We, unfortunately, do not have the answers to those mysteries and instead have to wait until we may one day be able to enjoy our favorite funny TV shows at no extra cost than a monthly subscription. The following are 11 cherished and deeply missed examples, starting with one of the most important and accurate depictions of teen angst ever.

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