HBO’s Euphoria Season 2: 6 Questions We Have After Season 1

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Will Maddy Release The DVD?

Maddy was chilling in Nate’s room in the Season 1 finale when she happened to notice a DVD just hanging out. She pops it in, and while we don’t know for sure, it seems as though she saw the sex tape in which Nate’s father Cal is seen having sex with the underage Jules. Keep in mind, we have no idea if that’s what Maddy saw, though, at the moment, it’s hard to imagine what else there was.

Assuming that is what Maddy saw, what would she do in Euphoria Season 2? Maddy has let some of Nate’s toxic behavior slide in the past, I can’t help but imagine she’d keep whatever horrific stuff she saw on the DVD under wraps for now. Of course, should Nate step out of line again all bets are off and Maddy could haul off and put that video on Facebook to show the world Nate’s father Cal isn’t the shining beacon on the city some think he is. It’s only a matter of when Maddy and Nate break up again I’d imagine, so be sure to keep an eye on whether or not the DVD comes up during that first big fight.

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