How Chris Hemsworth Made A Secret Cameo In Tom Hiddleston’s Loki On Disney+

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Although Chris Hemsworth’s cameo in Loki was rumored ahead of release, this is obviously not the kind that fans were anticipating, though it definitely did not disappoint. Especially knowing that it was actually Hemsworth that physically recorded a bunch of frog grunts to make it happen. While the jar in the episode was a reference to the 1980s Thor comic in which the Asgardian god was turned into a frog upon grabbing Mjolnir, many fans have taken to using Throg as the go-to nomenclature. Which is probably fine, considering Throg fought alongside the Avengers a few times, even teaming up with Kid Loki, who rocked the house in Episode 5 with his bowling alley palace. The amphibian, who’s also a member of the all-animal team “Pet Avengers,” certainly wasn’t the only animal variant to show up in the latest episode, as many fans have taken kindly to the vicious Alligator Loki.

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