How Dayna Jergens’ Las Vegas Mission From The Stand Differs In Stephen King’s Book

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Dayna Opts For A Different Method Of Suicide

There is a whole lot of awful death featured in all versions of The Stand, but the death of Dayna Jergens is certainly one of the grizzliest. And while her suicide in this new adaptation is definitely horrible, as she uses a broken bottle to stab her own throat, the book is sincerely worse. The character comes to the same understanding in Stephen King’s version that she has to die before the information about Tom Cullen is tortured out of her by Randall Flagg, but her move is to try and smash through one of the hotel suite’s windows. It doesn’t go quite as planned, as she does successfully break through the glass, but only makes it halfway due to the sturdiness of the pane. Flagg begins to drag her back in, but she kills herself by violently twisting her neck and driving an imbedded shard deeper into her neck.

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