How Loki’s Villain Reveal In The Finale Was An Unintentional Reference To David Fincher’s Se7en

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It’s so weird, right? Because for me, Se7en was such an influence early on in the show. And it’s weird, like with He Who Remains, we always knew they were going to meet He Who Remains and that the Multiverse is going to be freed. But how that happened, we were always looking at it and working [it] out. And like, I don’t know whether maybe it was just like me in my mind, and the writers’ minds, and it just found its way into that situation. [Laughs.] For me. I don’t think it was a conscious reference, but I think it was just so in the DNA of the show, I mean, it has to have been. Because it’s funny, right? When you make something, people are like, ‘Oh, this is it,’ and you’re like, ‘Oh, yeah, you’re right, I guess it is referencing that.’ Because I mean, it definitely was a heavy reference for us.

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