How Our Loki Questions About The Time-Keepers And TVA Pruning Were Addressed By The Director

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I would say that it was really just that fine thread across the first three episodes, sort of leading people with the right questions, which I’ve seen the audience are asking. Which is like, ‘Why do we ever see these Time-Keepers? Who are the Time-Keepers?’ And then obviously, we see them in Episode 4. And I think, honestly, it’s really just when everyone should be at if what you’re asking me is like, ‘Who’s behind the TVA?’ And yeah, we will answer that. It’s something people would have to stay tuned to see. But I think it was definitely fun bringing those characters to life, but making sure, obviously before we realize they’re not real, that they feel real because they’re based on the characters from the comics. And I think it was really just about that fine line and making sure that it didn’t just look like they were talking to animatronic robots; they’re talking to these sentient creatures, or at least we thought they were. So yes, I think that was really the fine line in terms of the storytelling, but in terms of the actual question [of who is behind the TVA], I would say again you have to stay tuned.

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