Hunter Hunter Trailer Hunts a Big Bad Wolf with Devon Sawa & Nick Stahl

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IFC Films has unveiled the trailer for Hunter Hunter. With most major releases departing 2020 for the hopefully green pastures of 2021, there are few movies left that will actually be hitting theaters for the rest of the year. But this is one of them, and it stars Devon Sawa (Final Destination, The Fanatic) as a hunter who is at odds with a wild wolf. As we can see from the trailer, this man vs. nature tale looks to be quite intense.

The trailer sees a family living a rugged life in the wilderness. There is clearly some tension between Devon Sawa‘s Joseph and his wife, as their existence hunting animals to make a living is not an easy one. Things get even trickier when a wolf begins eating the family’s catches from their traps. So, Joseph sets out to take care of the wolf. But as the hunt unfolds, greater danger is discovered and it becomes a kill or be kill, hunt or be hunted scenario.

While the movie will also be available to watch from the comfort of home, IFC is releasing it in movie theaters and drive-ins as well. So those who feel the need to see this one on the big screen will have the opportunity to do so. The cast also includes Nick Stahl, Camille Sullivan and Summer Howell. Shawn Linden is in the director’s chair and also penned the screenplay. The filmmaker had this to say about the movie and what he feels it’s ultimately about.

“Hunter Hunter is about the pursuit of a predator, the dangerous task of chasing after something that isn’t designed to run. Every animal will resist being made a victim, but only a few have the tools necessary to change the outcome; for a hunter of hunters, the lines between predator and prey, victimizer and victim, good and evil, are hopelessly blurred. And in the end, the pursuit of one killer gives way to the creation of another. Because out there in the wilderness, we’re just another animal.”

Hunter Hunter centers on a family that lives in the remote wilderness. They earn a living as fur trappers but struggle to make ends meet as they believe their traps are being hunted by a rogue wolf. Determined to catch the predator in the act, Joseph Mersault (Devon Sawa) leaves his wife Anne (Camille Sullivan), and their daughter Renee (Summer Howell) behind to track the animal. Anne and Renee become anxious during his absence and struggle to survive without him. When a man named Lou (Nick Stahl), who has been severely injured and left for dead arrives Anne becomes even more paranoid. The idea of a mysterious predator in the woods slowly becomes a threat much closer to home.

The studio has also revealed a stylish poster for the movie, which we’ve included for you to check out. Hunter Hunter is set to arrive in select theaters, digital and on demand on December 18 from IFC Films. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself.

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Hunter Hunter poster

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