Last Kids on Earth Season 3 Spoilers, New Episodes, and Netflix Special

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Now that you’ve had a chance to check out Season 3 of The Last Kids on Earth, it’s time to talk spoilers. During my chats with creator Max Brallier, showrunner/EP Scott Peterson, and star Nick Wolfhard, the conversation eventually turned from Season 3 to what’s next for the animated franchise. Sharp-eyed viewers and fans of Brallier’s book series probably noticed that the very end of the “Nightmare King” season included a teaser for the next installment of The Last Kids on Earth. What exactly that is remains to be seen, but the jingle bells, snow, and introduction of a new character and monster mount certainly suggest the “Cosmic Beyond” could be coming!

The problem is, Brallier, Peterson, Wolfhard and the cast and crew of Atomic Cartoons’ excellently animated series are all waiting on Netflix to order more episodes. Brallier is currently working on the seventh book in the series, so there are plenty more stories to tell in animated form, but The Last Kids on Earth will need your help to get to Seasons 4, 5, 6, and maybe even a movie. Read on to see what’s in store for the future of the franchise and how you can help get there! Spoilers follow:


After the credits, after everything’s wrapped up with a bow for our foursome and their monster friends, we get another monster appearance and a new human character, plus the notable addition of some snow on the end credits titles and the sound of jingle bells in the background. So if you’re familiar with the books, you may think there’s a Christmas-themed adaptation of “Cosmic Beyond” coming up next. Am I hitting the mark pretty well on this one?

Scott Peterson: That’s absolutely the intention. That’s what we’re alluding to. At this stage we’re waiting for Netflix to order more episodes. So we’re gung-ho and ready to do it, but they’ve got to pull the trigger and say, yes, the audience wants more. So kids, call Netflix. I don’t know how you do that. Look up Netflix online.

Max Brallier: [joking] I believe it’s 1-800-NETFLIX.

Scott Peterson: But yeah, that was the intention with that is to go, oh, there’s more coming.

Max Brallier: Yep. And we talked a lot about how to hint at that just right and have that cliffhanger moment and yeah. And it’s good. It’ll be very cool. I really hope that we get to see those two in action and do our sort of look at holidays during the end of the world and how the kids do them. And that was really fun.


Image via Viking

Very cool. Max when you were putting the idea together for the book, before obviously any of the animated series stuff, why the Christmas-themed holiday or winter holiday?

Max Brallier: It was two things. One, it was total fear and indecisiveness on my part where I felt like the end of Book 3 felt like, okay, these guys, this gang just probably needs to, the next sort of step would maybe be to go and search stuff out. But I wasn’t ready to write that yet, there’s more stuff I still wanted to do. And I wanted to make sure that before they did that and went in search of something bigger beyond Wakefield that I was able to plot it out. I’m not somebody who can sort of just write and then, I don’t know, do a… From the beginning I’ve always had a sort of vision for the end and that’s changed a little bit, but around Book 3, at that moment I was like, okay, I want to make sure that I know where this is going because I don’t want it to do one of those situations where you’re not able to sort of lay the groundwork for it, laid all that pipe necessary to make sure that it all feels earned.

And for it to feel like the author has a plan, the author actually has to have that sort of plan. And so I was like I got to hold on. I need to stick them here. And so snowstorm, they can’t leave, and that causes things to change in town. And then just the idea of doing any sort of big, I don’t know, snow days, I grew up in New England, snow days were the best, so a sort of snow day feel felt like it would be really fun. And I always love when I get to see our monsters react to human things and be confused by them and them not having snow in their other-dimensional world, it felt like a really fun way for them to sort of explain, This is a snowball fight and it’s cool and don’t get mad, I’m throwing a snowball at you. Don’t eat me.” That’s the stuff that’s always really fun to write and think about.

Now, I’m super excited for that. I can’t wait to see what Atomic Cartoons does with the animation for that, too. That’ll be something new that we haven’t really seen before in the three seasons that exist.

I noticed that Evie Stark, who appears and is credited in this episode, is voiced Rebecca Shoichet?

Scott Peterson: Yeah. Yes. And I don’t think we can say any more than what it says in the credits.


Image via Atomic Cartoons, Netflix

Can you talk about how you came to cast Rebecca for the part?

Scott Peterson: It’s hard because you’re casting someone with, again spoilers, one line, but you know that it may extend far into the future if we go ahead and make Season 4, Season 5, Season 6. So it was looking for someone who had a voice that was playful because if you’ve read the next book, the character is very much into pop culture and superheroes and things like that, but also she was first real kind of adult that we’ve seen. She’s a young adult, but she’s still older than the kids. So she has to sound a little more mature, but still have that childish joy. And she’s also a villain. So it was looking for someone whose voice could do all those things. And Rebecca was one person who came to us where we felt like, yeah, she’s got that range.

Yeah, definitely a great choice, a veteran in the voice acting industry. Since you teased Season 4, 5, 6, and a hopeful movie and everything else, Last Kids on Earth or beyond, what’s up next for the both of you in the remainder of 2020?

Max Brallier: So right now I’m in the middle of writing Last Kids on Earth seven, the seventh book in the series, and outlining a sort of new kind of side quest adventure for two of the characters, which I really hope will… So we’ll see exactly how it’s going to shape up or turn out and what it’ll be that I’m really excited about. What else can I say? Oh, and working on The Last Kids on Earth video game, I’m looking forward to that. Like on a ridiculously, geeky, wish fulfillment level.

Scott Peterson: And I’m just finishing up … we’re doing the sound mix for one more piece of Last Kids on Earth entertainment on Netflix. I don’t know how much we can talk about it, but there is something coming beyond the 10 episodes dropping October 16th. So I’m finishing that up and then starting to do development work on some other projects, which I can’t talk about yet. Yes. Other animated productions that you’ll all come to know and love in the future.

After the events of Season 3 take place, we have a bit of a stinger at the end where we have a new monster and a new character who appears. We also get a new title sequence with the sound of jingle bells and some snow on the screen, which as fans of the books out there know is a nod towards the Christmas themed Cosmic Beyond. Is there anything you can tease about that? We know we’re still waiting for Netflix to give the green light on a potential Season 4, but did you have any involvement with that whatsoever?

Nick Wolfhard: So I did actually. I do remember actually recording a little, “Whoa, cool!” at the end of Book 3, but I don’t know if that actually got in. I don’t know if that actually got into this season. That being said, I do remember that when I originally did my Jack audition, there were lines from the “Cosmic Beyond” that I actually did. No one’s ever heard it and no one ever will, unless we do this new book and I really hope we do, because I really love working on Last Kids and I really love working with everyone and meeting all these people and the writers, producers, everyone is so awesome. It’s such a great project. I’m getting sentimental now, but it’s such a fun ride. But that being said, besides that part in the audition and that little stinger at the end, I know nothing about a Cosmic Beyond adaptation as of yet.

Fair enough.

Nick Wolfhard: We are hoping. The best way you can support the series is buy the books, buy the toys, watch the show on Netflix, and just keep supporting the series because that’s how we get more seasons. Also, there is two more things after this that hasn’t been announced yet. It’s not necessarily an adaptation of Cosmic Beyond, but I think you all are really going to like it. And that’s all I’m going to say about that, but there’s a couple more things coming down the pipeline that we’ve done.


Image via Atomic Cartoons, Netflix

I will say one thing for you, sir, your, “Whoa, cool!” does make it into the end of Season 3 proper. So congratulations on that.

Nick Wolfhard: Yes! Okay, they kept it in.

You got your, “Whoa, cool,” in. I don’t know what those projects are. Max and Scott teased them as well. I have no idea what they are, but I’m very excited and looking forward to those. And yeah, everybody out there who’s putting your holiday shopping list together, put Last Kids merch and everything else on your list and let’s see if we can get Cosmic Beyond going too. I would love to see that as a fan.

Nick Wolfhard: What’s great about Cosmic Beyond is that it’s so different. Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 are all set in sunny Wakefield’s. Cosmic Beyond is very, very blizzardy and snowy and there’s a lot of abandoned areas and it gets cold and dark and there’s some character moments that you haven’t really seen before. Some actual dire, possibly fatal consequences end up happening and these two new villains that you haven’t met before, there’s so much potential for an adaptation. But yeah, support the series.

Definitely. We’re super excited.

Nick Wolfhard: At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Exactly. Yeah. Season 4, we get to see Atomic Cartoons make a snowscape and everybody gets to have a snow day and who doesn’t want to see that?

Nick Wolfhard: Exactly. Exactly.

Season 3 of the Emmy-winning series The Last Kids on Earth is now streaming on Netflix.

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