Loki’s Richard E. Grant On Tom Hiddleston’s Advice, His Costume Woes, And Making Outcasts Feel ‘Seen’

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Well, I knew from the script, it’s when he described himself rather than as the God of Mischief, which is so emblematic of Tom Hiddleston, he says that he is the God of Outcasts. I thought that is the key to this character’s loneliness and that feeling of anybody who’s disenfranchised, either ethnically, sexually, or in whatever way, that desire and need to be included, and to be seen, is so strong in us that I thought that was the key to his character. So his making the ultimate sacrifice at the end to Asgard all fitted with that thinking. It seemed to have a sort of complete arc in itself, even though it was only one episode. So I thought that was very smartly written. Besides it being fun to play… I think that’s what’s great about Classic Loki. He’s saying that there’s somebody who is out there for all of you who feel disenfranchised or not seen, and I think that’s a great thing to play.

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