Marvel’s Kevin Feige Had A Key Note About WandaVision’s Shocking Trip To Agnes’ Basement

We are truly living in amazing times, relatively speaking, when mastermind Kevin Feige is not only curious about making the MCU as darkly mysterious and scary as Marvel’s comics can get, but actually makes it happen through the truly unique and immersive format that WandaVision has delivered thus far. It’s probably easier to do with extremely talented professionals on hand such as Jess Hall, Mark Worthington and Matt Shakman, among the many others involved behind the scenes on the Disney+ series. Plus, WandaVision is so good at mixing up genres that it can dip its toes into horror-laden waters before shifting into something as comedically macabre as the “Agatha All Along” musical sequence. Granted, there are few ostensibly disturbing Marvel moments as Agatha admitting she killed Sparky before her gleeful cackles led into the closing credits.

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