Mayans M.C. Showrunner On Taza’s Future After That Shocking SAMCRO Reveal

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Yeah, you know, now there’s two dead Reapers out there; one in the one in the ground in Mexico and one is slowly disintegrating in a vat in Santo Padre. One thing that we really tried to do on the hiatus, something that I really wanted to figure out is having spent a life surrounded by violence, first as the victim and then for decades as the aggressor. Like, no one comes out of that clean, and there’s just this shame that comes along with it. There’s a shame that comes. I mean, that’s a difference between… Kurt Sutter and I are very different storytellers. I’m only here because of him on the show, but that’s a dude who, when he walks in the room, the temperature changes. The energy’s bouncing off that motherfucker, you know what I mean? I remember when he first came in, it was our first season, and he walked in the writers room, and one of the writers was like, ‘Oh, my God, he’s a rock star.’ I walk into a room, I want to apologize for being in that room, you know what I mean? Like I walk in, I’m carrying a bodybag of shame for the things I’ve done in my life, and that have happened to me everywhere I go. And so those are two different viewpoints to tell the show’s violence through, right? There’s one where no one does it better than him, the shock and sort of the glee that can come with it, and then the real emotional resonance – I think there’s real moments in Sons that everyone remembers. But to me, it’s just like, nothing happens in a vacuum.

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