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How To Pitch.

To begin the pre-production, I had to pitch my idea to the class with the help of director Esme. I will explain how I researched for the pitch and the feedback I received from my classmates.


my slides

At this stage, I’ve brainstormed the characters and the direction of the plot as well as addressing my inspiration behind the project.
My aim was for the audience of the pitch to understand the aesthetic of the story and take the examples I give as a reference for how the film may present itself both plot-wise and visually. Somers Town by Shane Meadows was a key inspiration due simply to how it represents the relationship between 2 people trying to find their way in a landscape that isn’t quite built for them.
This is how I feel about the father character in Tributaries. I was worried that people might only focus on him as a criminal/ drunk, however, the feedback from the pitch (which I will delve into later in the post) was positive and it seemed I portrayed the plot and characters well enough for the audience to understand that this is about development and growth rather than the characters’ past.
Although my character profiles at this stage are limited, I feel that they are based more on the way they will talk (script) and the physical elements of communication (facial expressions, body language, etc). I will obviously be developing the character profiles further, however I feel that I’ll focus them more on the way the character will hold themselves rather than the physical attributes and typical profiling methods that I would normally default to.


To research for the pitch, I wanted to make sure I represented the film with the proper examples of inspiration. I had ideas of films that I had seen before that I thought could influence my development, but needed to rewatch them in order to properly analyse what it is about that this is influencing me.

Somers Town

I have written a post about how I’m influenced by Somers Town but for the purpose of this post I’ll briefly mention it.

The Somers Town script has always stood out to me as unique. This, combined with the way it’s shot makes it seem so realistic that it’s almost like a fly-on-the-wall documentary about Tomo (Thomas Turgoose).

The Lobster

We made sure to rewatch The Lobster to also get an understanding of the filming and script style.


After the pitch, we took feedback on our idea and ways we could improve it. It was suggested that:

  • We check out ‘Easy’ on Netflix, catagorised as ‘mumblecore’ and seemed similar to what we wanted to achieve.
  • Pawel Palinski filmed Last Resort in Margate: one of the locations we were considering
  • Most likely locations to suit the tone would be Margate, Herne Bay, and Hastings.
  • It’s important to show the guilt in the father somehow.
  • We need to research what the process of coming out of prison is like
  • Decide where the son is at in life and make it clear
  • Define your moments

All of this made sense for what we wanted to achieve in the project.

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