Pre production

More than 10,000 Attorney prepared forms

Pre production.

As part of the showrunner role, I am required to arrange the pre production paperwork for Deadline. To do this, I have used templates as well as research in order to aid the best and most effective working practice when creating the pre production work.

The paperwork

For this project I took on the role of producer, which meant that I was responsible for all of the pre-production paperwork. I organised all of the work seen here, printing, and distributing amongst the crew and cast. To maintain organisation, I made paperwork packs for all the actors and 2 for the crew so that they could use them to write on if needed, and to refer to throughout the shoot. This made it a lot easier especially for the crew to find any information that they needed regarding their shot lists and the script. We wrote letters to our neighbours to make them aware of filming that was taking place around the house as there was a few shots that would be taking place on the street in front of the house. I contacted Medway Council (as seen in the emails) to ask for permission to film on Great Lines Heritage Park. They asked for a Method Statement which was very unique to me but luckily I found a template on MyUCA which I was able to fill out. This was useful to learn because initially I was worried it would be something we wouldn’t be able to supply, however, it was quite simply a more detailed risk assessment. 

One thing I regret is that I didn’t initially ask for the contact details of the actors, I just used their emails, and this caused a small amount of confusion on the first day when one of them had to cancel, however I was quick to get everyone’s number when they all arrived. It seems like something so mundane but actually it’s really good that I learned to make sure I remember in the future.

Overall I’m really happy with my organisation of the paperwork as it made the production a lot easier. 

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