REMEMBER FEST Explores The Artist Experience of 2020 & its Aftermath

New York, NY (April 7th, 2021) — REMEMBER Fest 2020, an online arts festival created by independent producers and theatre-makers Jessica Ashleigh Pomeroy and Michelle Cage, will begin on April 9th, 2021 with works being released on a schedule through April 10th. The festival will feature five (5) works of theatre, three (3) musical acts, and three (3) visual art collections, all created by early-career artists, exploring their unique perspectives on 2020, with the goal of providing a platform for these artists while supporting them financially in the process.

“The idea for REMEMBER came to us in a time of artistic drought,” stated co-producer Jessica, “We felt uneasy, unsure of what was coming next, and overall exhausted by the year 2020. Michelle and I felt as though we wanted to find a way to work with other artists and reflect on these feelings, acknowledging that this has been an isolating time for all of us.” Michelle added, “We graduated from college in 2019, so sustaining our early careers during the pandemic has been tough, but it created a desire in us both to amplify the voices of our artistic peers who have been facing the same shortage of opportunities. Over the course of the pandemic, I had been working on a project where I was interviewing fellow artists about their experiences and emotions during this time, and those interviews were so inspiring and poignant that I knew I wanted to expand on the idea, and now we are doing just that with this festival.”

Each of the festival’s lead artists was selected because they have a singular, palpable vision, and a unique perspective on the events of last year (2020). They have created a total of twelve (12) original pieces that will feature the work of twenty-nine (29) artists across three (3) disciplines.

REMEMBER FEST Poster Art co-produced and curated by Jessica Ashleigh Pomeroy and Michelle Cage

The Self, Destroyed: Reflecting on experiences and expectations changed and shattered from 2020, creator and solo performer Bailey Macejak endeavours to explore what it means to really be yourself – even when no one’s watching; 

Top Five Answers: After a year in quarantine together, an episode of Family Feud causes a mother and her adult daughter to reach their breaking point. Written by Alison Vincitore, Directed by Maria Palacio, featuring Patricia M. Lawrence and Michelle Cage; 

Eulogies for Elena: While writing her mother’s eulogy, Elena begins to discover things about her own life and feelings towards herself, while trying to escape the pain and unstoppable heartbreak that comes with losing someone you love and not knowing if you ever made them proud. Written by Cris Eli Blak, Directed by Bradley Cordero, Scenic design by Sasha Schwartz, featuring Maria Müller

The Lone Sessions: Two friends meditate on loneliness as they explore its collaborative relationship to social media and performance. Co-created by Lizz Mangan and Emma Joy Hill and 

Cannot Accept New Messages: The story of one person’s crappy year told through the voicemails filling up her inbox. Written and directed by Sophia Costanzi, filmed and edited by Julian Weller, featuring Molly Dillon, Daniel Froot, Ariel Kaye, Monte Marshall, and Isabella Jane Schiller.

A Quarantined EP: Two musicians tell a story of their experiences with relationships, culture, and life during quarantine through the original song. Created and performed by Hailey Brinnel and Andrew Carson; 

The Remember Fest Sessions: A showcase of two original songs written and performed by musician Calvin Rezen, filmed by Jillian Rezen of Segno Studios; and

Sudden Changes: A performance of two original songs by guitarist and songwriter Sam Rocca, reflecting on the emotional impact of 2020. Featuring lyrics and vocals by Jessica Pomeroy.

Visual Arts: 
Art in the Time of Corona: A short video with a photo showcase. A play on “El amor en los tiempos del cólera” (or “Love in the Time of Cholera”) by Gabriel Garcia Márquez. Created by Jherlin Nuñez, Illustrations and Digital Art by Stephanie Balbuena, featuring architect/model Ahmed Aoughali and Valeria Diaz

iM noT A JoRNalist <3 I dOnT KnOW HOW I FEeL <3 mY tRiviAl LittLE LiFe <3: A stream of consciousness comic that flounders on a year of unprocessed trauma. The Barbie Diaries © if barbie had to reckon with death and being transgender. Written and Illustrated by Milo O’Connell, Edited by Luna Alatorre;

Remember, Reflect, Reinvent: Experimental multimedia designer Alessandra Cronin worked on REMEMBER as the Art Director, as well as the curator of the virtual venue. Her work is being presented in gallery form and is also represented as the entire virtual venue being accessed by audiences.

The Quarantine Recordings: Conducted by REMEMBER Fest 2020 co-producer, Michelle Cage, this series of interviews features a range of artists reflecting on their experiences of 2020. Some of the most emotional and poignant snippets from these open, honest conversations will be presented.

REMEMBER Fest 2020 will premiere online in a “Virtual Venue” on April 9th, 2021 with works being released on a schedule through April 10th. The venue will then remain open with all work available to ticket holders until April 11th.

Tickets for REMEMBER Fest 2020 are available now at a pay-what-you-can rate between $5-$100. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite and the link can be found in the lobby of the Virtual Venue. All profits from this event will be split evenly among the artists and creators involved, in an effort to alleviate some of the financial strain that has been put on artists since the beginning of last year, in addition to providing them with a unique, virtual space to present their work. Once you purchase a ticket to REMEMBER Fest 2020you will receive the password to access the Virtual Venue beginning on April 9th. All ticket holders will have the opportunity to view all featured works through April 11th.

REMEMBER FEST 2020 is a one-time event co-produced and curated by Jessica Ashleigh Pomeroy and Michelle Cage, with Art Direction by Alessandra Cronin. REMEMBER looks to support creators both artistically and financially in the aftermath of 2020. You can further support these projects by donating to the festival’s Indiegogo campaign

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