Shadow And Bone Season 2: 6 Moments From The Books We Hope To See

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The Hunt For The Sea Whip

Thought the giant white stag was cool? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The first section of Siege and Storm is focused on tracking Rusalye, a sea whip (read: giant aquatic monster) rumored to be a cursed prince of Ravkan legend. General Kirigan, believing the sea whip to be Morozova’s second amplifier, forces Alina to hunt and kill the dreaded sea serpent to increase her power. Sea monsters are objectively awesome, and Rusalye’s appearance in Siege and Storm is one of my favorite moments in the entire series. One, because I love a good dragon, and two, it takes a mildly magical series and sends it straight to the realm of fantasy. 

There isn’t much description of the sea whip’s appearance in the book beyond scaly and serpentine, so the design staff has room to play around and make something really cool. The costumes and set design for Season 1 were intricate and gorgeous, so it stands to reason the sea whip would be as well.

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