Shows Like New Amsterdam: What To Watch If You Love The Medical Drama

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The Resident (Hulu)

As my last entry on this list, that doesn’t mean The Resident isn’t brilliantly addicting. The Resident is all about a young doctor who begins his residency at a hospital under the supervision of a senior resident who appears to be a normal, tough, and super smart guy. But inside, he’s a cunning, dangerous, and deadly psychopath.

It’s most certainly the darkest TV show on this list, but my god is it so much fun. While New Amsterdam is about what you would expect when you think of medical dramas – big operation scenes, emotional moments, strong character development over seasons – The Resident takes all of that and turns it on its heels, upping the stakes more so now that a menacing doctor is a part of the main lineup. With three seasons streaming and a fourth season currently on, now is the perfect time to take a little break from the typical medical drama and step into the dark side.

Stream The Resident on Hulu here.

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