Sound of Violence with Jasmin Savoy Brown hits VOD May 21st

(Los Angeles, CA) — Following a world premiere at 2021’s SXSW, Alex Noyer’s Sound of Violence heads to homes across North America. Starring Jasmin Savoy Brown (the upcoming Scream revival, HBO’s “The Leftovers”), Lili Simmons (Showtime’s “Ray Donovan”, “Banshee”, Bone Tomahawk), James Jagger (HBO’s “Vinyl”, The Outpost), and Tessa Munro (CBS’s “S.W.A.T.”), Sound of Violence will debut on cable and digital VOD May 21st from Gravitas Ventures.

Synopsis: Haunted by childhood trauma, Alexis (Jasmin Savoy Brown) composes music through torture and pain. As a child, the brutal murder of her family made her regain her previously-lost hearing along with synesthetic abilities. Now as an adult, she’s told she might lose her hearing again, so she escalates her gruesome sound experiments in a quest to compose her masterpiece. Her supportive roommate Marie (Lili Simmons) becomes the unknowing acolyte to her destructive process.

The SXSW Official Teaser Trailer for Sounds of Silence directed by Alexis Noyer

Sound of Violence was written and directed by Alex Noyer (808, SXSW 2015). Sound of Violence was produced by Hannu Aukia (Someone Somewhere, Conductor), Alex Noyer, and is Executive Produced by Mike Macari (Executive Producer of The Ring trilogy). 

“I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by people who believed in my idea of an artist in lieu of a killer. From our amazing lead Jasmin Savoy Brown to my producing partner Hannu Aukia, to our cast and crew, this movie came together because of confidence in that vision. Gravitas showed us that same confidence. I am delighted for them to bring it to North American audiences so soon after our World premiere at SXSW,” stated Noyer.

The Poster Art of Sound of Violence written and directed by produced by Alex Noyer.

Alexis recovered her hearing after witnessing the brutal murder of her family when she was ten. The visceral experience awakened synesthetic abilities in her and started her on an orphaned path of self-discovery through the healing tones of brutal violence. She goes on to pursue a career teaching and experimenting to find new sounds. She is supported and loved by her roommate Marie who is unaware of the dark secrets behind Alexis’ unique music and the part she unknowingly plays. Faced with the likelihood of losing her hearing again, Alexis escalates her pursuit of her masterpiece through gruesome sound experiments and devastating designs. She won’t let anything stop her, not even love.

…inventive, challenging, and devious… An impressive debut through and through with a killer hook and plenty of stomach-churning moments
— Wicked Horror

The mashup of Kevin Smith’s Tusk and Guitar Hero you never expected to come to fruition
— Silver Screen Rio

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