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Alain Nouvel is the filmmaker behind State (Remix), a low-budget feature film he wrote, directed, edited, and produced. Alain got his start in the film business in New York City in 2009 as a set runner on an independent feature film called Finding Julia and as a video editor for companies like Warby Parker, Lenovo, and Search Party Music. One day, Alain landed a job as Director’s Assistant to three-time Sundance Best Cinematography Award winner Ellen Kuras. For the next year, he worked alongside her in that role. She inspired him to make State (Remix), his first feature film. Watch it on Amazon Prime

Logline: A dark suspense film about a family, a murder, and a political conspiracy.

Synopsis: An old man, alone and abandoned by his only living relative, haunted by his role in altering the course of American history, prepares to commit suicide. His grandson, a young, traumatized veteran is on the edge, caught between his memory and reality, trying to reach his estranged girlfriend who doesn’t know that he’s back, or gone awol. In one last desperate attempt he seeks her out, but at this point, everything is a trigger.

The Official Trailer for STATE (Remix) written and directed by Alain Nouvel

The cast for STATE (Remix) is Courtney Sturm (Young Woman), Myles Macvane (Old Man), and Patrick Cragin (Young Man).

The crew is Alain Nouvel (writer, director, producer, editor, production manager), Emily Holland (assistant director), Ivy Yu (production coordinator), Sylvia Boulos (key production assistant), Nastasia Boulos (assistant production coordinator), Tam Sackman (production assistant), Nimet Kiraç (production assistant), Emma Asher (production assistant), Carey Dolan (production assistant), Galen Foote (production assistant), Victoria Goldberg (special effects make-up), Judith Léonard (production designer), Francis Li (production designer assistant), Sophie Worm (production designer assistant), Toby Petch (director of photography), Jake Lane (1st assistant camera), James Bizarro (2nd assistant camera), Dominique DeLeon (sound mixer), Rick Burks (key grip), Danny April (gaffer), Adrian Howe (stunt coordinator), Alain Nouvel (stuntman & post-production – sight and sound), and Mary Jane Howland (marketing and outreach director).

The Poster Art for State (Remix) directed by by Alain Nouvel

State (Remix) was featured by on their main website as well as on their YouTube Channel, Hollywood Streams. On March 9, Alain Nouvel spoke at a UCLA Public History undergraduate class where he talked about his experience creating the film and answered students’ questions. On April 8, Alain Nouvel participated in a workshop run by UCLA’s Film and Photography Society, where he will be sharing the advice he has for young aspiring filmmakers.

Film Information
Genre: Dark/Drama/Suspense
Runtime: 01:03:09
Completion Date: February 8, 2021
Filming Location: Washington D.C., United States
Production Budget: $20,000
Language: English
Shooting Format: Digital
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Audio Format: Stereo
Film Color: Color

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