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The 20+ Best Short Films on YouTube

Making a short film can be your ticket into creating a name for yourself in Hollywood. It feels like all content these days are getting shorter and shorter. When you look at streamers like Quibi, they’re creating content that’s fifteen minutes long, maximum. But this is not a new idea, even Stanley Kubrick saw the future of entertainment as short films.

And even Netflix released Love, Death, and Robots as a series built on short interpretations of the future.

I perused the internet and tried to pick some of the best short films available. If you know of others, please leave them in the comments and I will add them. I sorted them via film genre to make it easier. This is not a ranking, just a list of resources. I’m excited to hear what you think and hope it starts a discussion around short films and the art of cinema!


Logline: A fable about a parking attendant who gives his customers REAL validation — dispensing both free parking and free compliments.

Directed & Written by Kurt Kuenne

Harvie Krumpet

Logline: The odd biography of a man who has Tourette’s Syndrome, chronic bad luck, menial jobs, nudist tendencies, and a book of “fakts” hung around his neck

Directed & Written by Adam Elliot

Tall Enough

Logline: In this day-in-the-life piece, a young, interracial couple explore their relationship on a quiet Saturday in Brooklyn.

Directed & Written by Barry Jenkins

I Feel Stupid

Logline: Welcome to the awkward sexually charged silence of teenage life.

Directed by Milena Pastreich

Written by Ana Lily Amirpour


Thunder Road

Logline: Jimmy Arnaud eulogizes his mother.

Directed & Written by Jim Cummings

The Life of Death

Logline: Is it right to be treated as a weirdo just because you are Death incarnate? Even Death has feelings, and God forbid, even Death may die.

Directed & Written by Mark Dubiniec

The Gunfighter 

Logline: In the tradition of classic westerns, a narrator sets up the story of a lone gunslinger who walks into a saloon. However, the people in this saloon can hear the narrator and the narrator may just be a little bit bloodthirsty.

Directed by Eric Kissack

Written by Kevin Tenglin

The Good Time Girls 

Logline: A group of women band together as they go to war against a pack of men who have done them wrong at every turn.

Directed & Written by Courtney Hoffman


Logline: A young mercenary is hired to kill Death.

Directed & Written by Edson Oda

The Elevator

Logline: A short film about riding the elevator.

Directed & Written by Greg Glienna

Bar Talk

Logline: In a dusty Texas bar, a chatty stranger insists on striking up a conversation with the man sitting next to him. The more this out-of-towner talks, the more obvious it is he’s not from ’round here. Heck, he’s not even from this planet! Based on the short story by Joe R. Lansdale.

Directed by Lowell Northrop

Written by Joe R. Lansdale


Logline: Upon hitting puberty, a high-school boy realizes he is homosexual and faces prejudice from his parents and friends.

Directed by Peggy Rajski

Written by James Lecesne, Bruce Vilanch

Six Shooter

Logline: A black and bloody Irish comedy about a sad train journey where an older man, whose wife has died that morning, encounters a strange and possibly psychotic young oddball….

Directed & Written by Martin McDonough


Logline: A short film about the problems that accompany an actor as he auditions, due to his multi-ethnic appearance.

Directed & Written by Vin Diesel

Gregory Go Boom

Logline: A paraplegic man leaves home to be on his own.

Directed & Written by Janicza Bravo


Logline: A celebrity meets a person at the airport. All is fine until the person finds out that if they return home, they will be arrested.

Directed by  Vladimir Shcherban

Written by Nikolai Khalezin, Laura Wade

I’m You, Dickhead 

Logline: A man travels back in time to force his 10-year-old self to learn guitar so that he can get more action with the ladies in the present day.

Directed by Lucas Testro

Written by Larry Boxshall

Blue Season

Logline: Sarah wakes up to find herself hanging upside down. As she screams for help a phone rings and the person, on the other hand, helps her escape. Is all as it seems to be?

Directed by Georgina Higgins, Lee Jones

Written by Georgina Higgins


Logline: A short futuristic film featuring Augmented reality and Gamification. by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo. This is a graduation project from Bezaleal academy of arts.

Directed by Daniel Lazo (co-director), Eran May-Raz (co-director)

Written by Natalie Doten (narration)

The Door

Logline: A father’s desperate attempt to come to terms with the devastating effects of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

Directed & Written by Juanita Wilson


Logline: A sci-fi film about Africa in the future, 35 years after World War III, the water war.

Directed & Written by Wanuri Kahiu


Logline: A young boy living in the near future looks for an escape from a home with arguing parents. As a way to cope with the recent arguments from his parents he receives a robot companion that he ends up abusing.

Directed & Written by Ruairi Robinson

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