The Boys Season 3: Everything We Know So Far About The Amazon Series

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The Boys Season 3 Villains

For however long The Boys lasts, I think we can rely on Homelander’s extreme power and extreme insanity to keep us in fear, even with Queen Maeve’s blackmailing scheme. However, the Seven leader’s reputation as the series’ most hateful character was challenged in Season 2 by Aya Cash’s Nazi supe Stormfront, whom some have speculated may be still be alive even after she was cooked by Homelander’s biological son, Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), and his rage-induced heat vision.

More likely than Stormfront’s survival, however, is the possibility that The Boys will find a new, unexpected enemy in Congresswoman Victoria Neuman, whom last season’s finale revealed to be the head-exploding supe, but not necessarily if her loyalty lies with Vought or a personal, potentially insidious agenda. Yet we can guarantee that nothing but trouble will come from Season 3’s introduction of Soldier Boy – a supe with ties to Vought’s darker, untold history who will be played by Jensen Ackles, the only new confirmed cast member among the other returning players.

The Boys Season 3 Cast

Let’s take a closer look at who we expect to see in Season 3 of The Boys…

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