The making of After Anyuta by Clemy Clarke

A Case Study
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Film Name: After Anyuta
Genre: Drama
Date: 2019
Director: Clemy Clarke
Producer: C.C. Kellogg
Writer: C.C. Kellogg
Cinematographer: Irene Gomez-Emilsson
Editor: Clemy Clarke
Composer: Jesi Nelson
Production Company: Valmora Productions

indieactivity: About the film?
Clemy Clarke (CC): 
After Anyuta is a short film inspired by the story Anyuta by Anton Chekhov (1886). This modern adaptation is set in London. Anyuta spends the day posing as a life model for both her lover, medical student Steven, and neighbouring artist Ferris. This short is chapter one in the series NUDES The Anthology. This project originated from producer and writer C.C. Kellogg who had directed a theatrical adaptation of Chekhov’s story and took the initiative to create an adaptation for the screen with director Clemy Clarke.

Festival run?
Clemy Clarke (CC): 
The film was well received in festivals in Mumbai, Chile, London, Sharjah, Bucharest, Moscow, Los Angeles. The film premiered online on NoBudge, a short film digital platform based in NYC.

The Poster for After Anyuta directed by Clemy Clarke

Website & Awards?
Clemy Clarke (CC): 
After Anyuta was awarded at SFAAF Chile for Best Young Director of a Short Film: Clemy Clarke, Best Indie Short Film, Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film: Theo Solomon, Best Team Performance in a Short Film: Cast of After Anyuta, Best Cinematography in a Short Film: Irene Gomez Emilsson, Best Lead Actress in a Short Film Honorable Mention: Sophie Mae Reppert, Best Art Direction in a Short Film Honorable Mention: Ryan Paul McCarthy, Best Original Score in a Short Film Honorable Mention: Jesi Nelson and for the Audience Award. Awarded at CKF International Film Festival for Best Experimental Short Film, Awarded at the 9th Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival with Special Festival Mention and Semi-Finalist for best short at Short to the Point.

Development & Financing?
Clemy Clarke (CC): 
Development and financing was through the Arcola Theatre Creative Engagement, Hackney Council, and Studio House Dalston (London). The original development support was meant to bring a work of literature from the page to the screen. The spend and shoot were entirely in Hackney London.

Clemy Clarke (CC): 
The film was shot in London, where most of the creative team were based. We were a light crew, it was an effective and creatively charged shoot. The editing was done in Paris, by the director. The sound design and original score were completed in Los Angeles.

Advice from the Filmmaker?
Use the constraints to your advantage. Always surprise your audience, but mostly surprise yourself, dare!

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