The Stand: How Ezra Miller’s Trashcan Man Differs From Stephen King’s Novel

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Tom Escapes Vegas In A Truck Full Of Bodies

When Tom Cullen sees the full moon over Las Vegas in Stephen King’s The Stand, he registers that it means that it is time for him to return to the Boulder Free Zone – and his escape is mostly uneventful. Moving quietly, he takes a bike and makes his way out of town, and while there is a brief moment when he can feel Randall Flagg’s consciousness, it quickly fades. The CBS All Access miniseries, however, takes as much more dramatic approach. With Episode 4 sending Tom to Vegas without being hypnotized, and Episode 5 featuring Dayna passing him a note that says, “Run,” the character is given a lot more agency to make his own escape in Episode 6, and the way he does so is most definitely gruesome and gross, but ultimately effective.

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