The Walking Dead’s 15 Most Heartbreaking Deaths So Far

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1. Glenn (Season 7)

Ugh, God. Glenn.

Negan had already gotten his one kill in, everything seemed to be going fine until he said something that angered Daryl, who attacked Negan, and the leader of the Saviors felt he needed to punish the group now.

So, out of pure shock value, Negan goes and kills Glenn too, ending him the same way his comic version did too. Glenn, his eyes bursting from his head, trying to speak to Maggie while she’s sobbing about her dying husband is an image that will always sit with me and make me remember The Walking Dead in its worst hours.

He never got to meet his son, or have the life with Maggie he always wanted. And I will never forgive the show for that, which is why it will always be number one on my list.

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