Wait, Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Could Have Played A Totally Different Role?

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Yeah, I mean, that’s always been my thing. I never play anybody one note, that’s just not the way I am. And so for me, I think a lot of actors – I shouldn’t say a lot actors – I think some people would look at Rip and go, ‘He’s a one trick pony.’ You know what I mean? That’s who he is. He’s the heavy, he’s the tough guy. There’s a problem, John calls on him. But Taylor did this wonderful thing, which I saw very early on, in that he created a relationship with Beth, which helps open his soul up and his heart, and who he is as a person. Then he did wonderful things with the backstory and allowed the audience to understand the hardship this kid came from. The uneducatedness that he that he has, but also the life smarts that he has, and also in nature and being able to run a ranch. I mean, he might not be able to read a book as well as most, but you come on a ranch and he’ll school you, you know what I mean? So it’s like, it’s just a different world for different people, and he’s one of those guys that you want to be stuck in nature with him.

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