Why Chicago Fire Star Miranda Rae Mayo’s Hopes For The Future Make Me Less Worried About Stella

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The filming part was very physical. And it was very uncomfortable. And I felt very vulnerable. Because like, everyone was watching it, it was this big moment of Stella really like showing her strength and holding up this man. Me as Miranda, I think I was more concerned about making the character look like a superhero than actually really getting into it and what it would feel like. I didn’t think that I could do what Stella did. So I feel a little disappointed in the scene, you know what I mean? But, you know, life keeps moving on. And there’s plenty of time, God willing, and you know, Dick Wolf willing. [laughs] The Dick Wolf universe, you know, hopefully I get more opportunities on the show to really play more with that. But yeah, the filming process, it was very uncomfortable, in a great way, in a way that like grows you. So that’s what’s true for me in this now moment.

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