Why The Haunting Of Hill House Is An Awesome Choice For Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights

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3. The Ghosts Are EVERYWHERE

Beyond the narrative, beyond the character development, beyond the performances, beyond the lush cinematography and beyond Mike Flanagan’s nifty direction, The Haunting of Hill House wins my dread-loving heart for how well the home’s ghostly population is embedded into the aesthetic throughout the entire season. No matter how many ghosts and ghastly visions you witnessed during your first viewing, there are likely still a plethora of moments where you didn’t notice spooky figures and unexplainable shadows lurking in the background and just around the corner. The gives Universal Studios’ creative teams a huge canvas to work with as far as how and where to set up big scares, both with inanimate ghosts and with its human performers, and the announcement confirmed that fans will get to see such marquee ghouls as the Bent-Neck Lady, the Ghost in the Basement, the Tall Man and more!

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