Yellowstone 6666: 8 Quick Things We Know About The Paramount+ Spinoff

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The Legendary 6666 Ranches Were Bought In December 2020, Possibly By Executive Producer Taylor Sheridan

In May, it was reported that the legendary 6666 Ranches, which span across hundreds of thousands of acres across west Texas, found new ownership. The famous farmland was put on sale in December 2020, meaning that a new era was set to fall upon the Four Sixes. If you think it’s merely coincidental that Yellowstone show creator and executive producer Taylor Sheridan happened to announce a brand new spinoff series centered around this historic piece of Texas land at this time, you better think again.

Shortly after the deal went through, it was rumored that Taylor Sheridan was the man who bought this land, a report that was later confirmed. As Star-Telegram noted, Sheridan leads a buyer group behind the monumental purchase, which carries a hefty $347.7 million tag, as it was stipulated in the will of Annie Marion, the longtime owner.

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