Yikes, Only One Network TV Show’s Ratings And Viewership Actually Went Up During COVID Pandemic

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One reason why All American‘s uptick is arguably surprising is that, despite its success on a small scale, the drama is very far from being one of the most popular shows on TV, which is evident in the details. All American‘s 18.6% increase in total viewership brings it to an average of 220,000 pairs of eyes watching each episode, while the demo rating’s 25% lift raised it to a 0.5 from a 0.4. In comparison, Law & Order: SVU boosted its total viewership by 320,000 people year over year, which is 100K more than All American‘s entire audience. (It was also only the fourth-ranked show with American in the title, behind Idol, Housewife and Ninja Warrior.) Still, to be the only show on TV to come out ahead at all is a mega-victory for The CW hit.

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